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The photoshoot where Chris Evans looks like a truckstop hooker is an important part of manpelt.com


What’s that on your hand????? *holds it* itS ME

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whoa. I can’t look away.

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'I wanna do bad things with you'

I finally repainted this shitty drawing from 2010. 

I hope I improved? :O

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I want to draw a portrait of Derek. No just a simple portrait but, a military one. I’ve had the idea floating in my head since I’ve read I’ll be seeing you by thepsychicclam (if you haven’t read it yet, you should correct that right away, this fic is perfect). And basically, I want to draw what would be his official picture in the army. Something like that: 

I have the pictures of both my grandfathers during this period (yes, this was one of them) and I can’t stop picturing Derek like that. I’d have to change the French uniform for the American one though. 

Now all I need is more time… oTL

autheane said: I have a question for you (if you can answer it of course). As someone who likes Steter, what's your favourite(s) Steter fics out there? (There's still not enough though)


I am slowly working through a bunch of Steter fanfics as I don’t normally read them so much as drool over the idea and stare VERY HARD AND LONG at fanart haha…so my faves out of a few that were recc’d and I loved to death so far are:

just like the ocean under the moon (fave so far)

set all your regrets on fire 

betrayed by bones

don’t you see baby this is perfection

Thanks! :D There’s some I haven’t read in this. If you haven’t read it yet, you should read Roomate wanted: no supernatural creatures allowed, it’s one of the best I’ve read so far. :D

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Jared Padalecki as The Winter Soldier and Jensen Ackles as Captain America. My contribution to this month’s Spn art challenge and the theme “Poster Movie Crossover”.




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Ok I love this. As a mother people seriously DO NOT understand HOW hard it is. There are NO breaks, NO pay, and your bosses scream in your face, and puke & poo on you constantly. & that bitch laughing at the end… Don’t fucking laugh.. it’s the truth.

i saw this as she is laughing because the joke has finally been punched. She gets it now with all the fucking fucktard questions and responsibilities that just piled up one after another.

I am pretty fucking sure this woman is like oh man why didn’t i see this coming of course they are talking about motherfucking mothers not oh are you kidding me - no need to call her a bitch just because it hit you that hard as a mom - maybe you should be bitching about society and the reason this entire thing was made in the first place rather than some random girl at the end of it all who actually got it




The first time I saw this scene - and the second and the third - I didn’t realize just HOW disturbing it was. But the cinematography, the lighting… the way Peter touches Stiles… when you realize he’s being much more gentle with Stiles than he was with Lydia…

Ian Bohen is so incredibly creepy here. And this is why I like Peter, no, LOVE him: he’s a genuinely creepy, disturbing villain yet we as viewers tend to forget about it because he’s also sassy and a lot of fun. But gosh, sometimes, he gives me the willies… O.o

Oh god yes. This scene is SO disturbing. The cinematography gives me the chills because everything about this practically screams //rape// to me. The way Stiles kneels before him (begging for Lydia’s life, telling him “just kill me, I don’t even care anymore …”, basically offering himself up to save her) and the way Peter gently strokes his chin and forces him to get up … that was actually one of the most disturbing moments of the whole show for me. 
I mean this is the guy who killed his nurse and put her body in his trunk. The guy who mind-controlled and practially raped Lydia. 
Who killed his own niece. Who attacked Scott. 
And when he kidnapped Stiles and brought him to the parking garage - Stiles MUST have thought he was going to die. I mean Peter showed him a dead body - he showed him one of his victims! He made him find Derek. So why would he let Stiles go? Stiles is a witness.
Stiles had no reason to think Peter would let him go at all… 
And it kills me that this was never adressed properly in the show, because Stiles witnessed the girl he loves getting torn apart and he was forced to help the same psycho to find his best friend .. and the whole time he was aware of the fact that this guy drove around with a corpse in his trunk. 
He must have thought he would die that night. Because there was absolutely no telling what Peter would do or not do at any given moment. 

Agreed! Though I didn’t mind that much that it wasn’t addressed in the show itself because it adds another layer to Stiles’ character: he never tells when it’s about him. He keeps all the fear and horror hidden, he keeps quiet. Always. Oh, he does tell when it’s necessary for others to know something, but only bare details, never anything that affected him personally, his safety…

I wonder, do Stiles’ friends and his father even suspect how many times he tried to commit suicide (at least twice in S3B) or offered his life for another, genuinely prepared to die? I think they, especially Scott and his father, would be genuinely disturbed if they knew just how many times Stiles almost died in the last two years and never said anything.



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Steve & Bucky AU




"i don’t have time to start reading that book" [opens 200k fic]

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