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person: is there a genre of fanfiction you really like?

me: nah i just read all of it.

me: *trips*

me: *a thousand whump fics spill out of my pockets and onto the sidewalk*

me: well i mean

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Ian Bohen, aka the photoshoot that killed me. 

(I found these scattered over Twitter. Haven’t found a real source yet. Will credit the second I find it!) 

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sleep-not trust me ppl are better without seeing my face XD

But I can be convince to post some of her selfies. xD

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a new zine called shitty horoscopes that i’ll be premiering this year at the Toronto Queer Zine Fair, among other things! hopefully i’ll make volumes available for online purchase soon. credit where credit is due: this was inspired by the huge number of made-up horoscopes floating around tumblr lately, and angry-poems.

Mine actually sounds pretty accurate …

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i couldn’t find just this scene anywhere on the internet so now it’s here forever

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God’s Creation - 2014


This is my contribution to the upcoming season 10 in 10 days as well as my comeback as an artist - the days of waiting and crashings are over and I finally can draw without interruptions. I just love my new Laptop!

If anyone wonders what the enochian word means - it’s supposed to mean God’s creation, just like the title, but I have no idea if that’s right I have no clue about the language and asked a dictionary that seemed to be trustworthy - I hope for the best.

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Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.

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 why not?;  


more void!stiles! might colour it someday but i’m keeping it b&w for now \m/

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